Welcome to the Security Distribution website

The Security Distribution is essentially a parental control, security enhancement and privacy protection suite of tools, distributed as a debian package for Ubuntu operating System (14.04 and up) through Computer Technology Institute - DIOPHANTUS' repository.

This suite incorporates several third party programs as also software developed by CTI which are automatically installed and configured upon the secure-distro package installation. Security Distribution comes as an answer to the lack of Ubuntu-based parental control and security tools (especially for children) and aspires to simplify the process of configuring and setting up a safe browsing environment for children.

Security Distribution makes a distinction between sudo (parents) and non-sudo (children) users. The first are able to easily create customize (in terms username/password) as also of online access control) accounts and delete user accounts for the later. This is made possible through the Security Control Panel, an application developed by CTI, to support parents in terms of their children access control and content filtering provisioning.

The functionalities offered by the Security Distribution incorporate:

  • content filtering using DansGuardian utility which prevents access to web sites anappropriate for children
  • utilities such as Keepass2 and BleachBit to support parents and children in everyday security-related activities (password management, file shredding etc)
  • a Security Control Panel developed by CTI to support parents in creating / managing user accounts for their children and gaining control over what their children have access to, over the Internet.

Extended content introducing each utility / feature will be added soon....

In the mean time if you want to experiment with the Release Candidate version of the Security Distribution you can check the Installation Instructions page.

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