AVGui is a GUI for AVG Free Edition for Linux. The program requires Python3.4, pyside1.2.1, sqlite3 and of course the AVG Free Edition for Linux (afl) which can be downloaded from the following link:


The AVGui has been tested only on Ubuntu 14.04. May also work on previous releases but the above packages are required.

Once the program is installed, the user may add a shortcut to the Unity Desktop Launcher by searching the Dash for avgui and dragging-dropping the icon that will appear in the launcher.

The program is available in Greek and English language (switching between those two languages requires program restart)

Functionalities currently available in the AVGui:

Malware Scan - Select and scan specific files / folders for Malware (real time output of the scan process) - Customize some of the scan settings offered by afl

View Updates / Scans History - Retrieve a log of previous scans based on date / malware detected / virus db used and save the respective results to a text file - Retrieve a log of previous Virus DB updates

Updates - Check for Updates - Set update settings as offered by afl - Check for available updates (without performing the actual update)

Program Summary - See a summary of the program, whether on access scan and the scheduler service are on, when the next iAVI and program updates are scheduled, the current iAVI version used etc.

The AVGui does NOT support the On Access Scan functionality, at least for the time being.

The AVGui has been designed and developed by Computer Technology Institute & Press DIOPHANTUS - www.cti.gr.

This program is made available under the GPL3 licence.

The AVG Logo and the AVG Free Edition for Linux are products of AVG Technologies

You can find the source code for the AVGui in the following link: https://bitbucket.org/pkaramol/avgui

The latest version of the avgui debian package is available here.

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